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The Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons was set up in June 1997 with a specific instruction from the House "to seek to make a first report to the House before the summer adjournment with [its] conclusions on ways in which the procedure for examining legislative proposals can be improved."1[391] The Committee, in compliance with that instruction, published its First Report, on the Legislative Process, in July 1997.2[392] In that Report the Committee described some of the perceived defects in the current system and discussed ways in which it could be improved. One of the defects was that there had previously been little, if any, consultation with Members or with the House as a whole before Bills were formally introduced although that there was almost universal agreement that pre-legislative scrutiny was right in principle, subject to the circumstances and nature of the legislation.

The Committee listed four possible options for looking at draft Bills:

—  the existing departmentally related select committees;

—  a new permanent structure of legislative committees;

—  ad hoc select committees of the Commons; or

—  joint committees of both Houses for individual draft Bills.3[393]

Each had advantages and disadvantages but the Committee believed that in general, unless there were unusual circumstances, there would be significant benefits in draft Bills being considered by a Committee.4[394] The Committee's Report was approved by the House of Commons in November 1997.5[395]

Various draft Bills have now been scrutinised by House of Commons Committees. Several departmental select committees—the Social Security Committee6[396], the Trade and Industry Committee7[397]and the Treasury Committee8[398]—have now produced reports on draft legislation and a special standing committee in the Commons is currently examining the draft Asylum and Immigration Bill. In addition an ad hoc select committee has reported on the draft Food Standards Bill.9[399] This is the first occasion on which a draft Bill has been scrutinised by a Joint Committee.

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Prepared 29 April 1999