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Financial Services and Markets Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum by the Knight Williams Investors' Action Group (KWIAG)

  This evidence is submitted by Kenneth Jordan on behalf of the hundreds of investors whom he represents as co-founder and Chairman of the Knight Williams Investors' Action Group (KWIAG).

  The purpose of this submission of written evidence is to bring to light what has happened in the past so that the mistakes and flaws of implementation of the 1986 Financial Services Act will not be repeated in the Financial Services and Markets Bill. That consideration is of over-riding importance in this evidence.

  This submission, while written in the first person, is based materially on hard written evidence to be found in thousands of letters to HM Treasury, Members of Parliament, FIMBRA, SIB, FSA, and ICS, and of course to KWIAG.

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Prepared 14 May 1999