Joint Committee on the Draft Local Government (Organisation and Standards) Bill Report

Annex 2

  Roles and Responsibilities of Non-Executive Members

  Worst Scenario

  Best Scenario

Decision-Making Role

'Policy' defined in narrow terms -- relatively few policies requiring assembly approval.

'Policy' defined in broad terms -- relatively large number of policies requiring assembly approval.

Policy Formulation

All policy formulation responsibilities reserved for executive.

Considerable scope for assembly to formulate policy for consideration executive.


Narrow definition of scrutiny, emphasising audit, performance review and 'best value' initiative.

Wide ranging definition of scrutiny including review of policy and policy proposals, and opportunities to scrutinise executive decisions prior to implementation

Community Networking

No are committee or community forums established. All executive decisions taken by cabinet.

Are committees established with delegated executive responsibilities and budgets, in which non-executive members play a leading role.

Local Representation

Little scope for local advocacy at assembly meetings. Scrutiny procedures do not encourage 'local member' perspective.

Local advocacy role encouraged at the frequent assembly meetings (eg through 'question time' initiatives). Scrutiny procedures incorporate local members' perspectives.

Regulatory Role

Shared between cabinet and assembly.

Exclusive to assembly.

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Prepared 3 August 1999