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Parliamentary Privileges Report



(HL Paper 50—i

HC 401—i

Session 1997-98

  Annex A, page 13, the 1st paragraph should read:

  The relevant section of the Australian Parliamentary Privileges Act 1987 reads:

  For the purposes of the provisions of article 9 of the Bill of Rights, 1688 as applying in relation to the Parliament, and for the purposes of this section, "proceedings in Parliament" means all words spoken and acts done in the course of, or for purposes of or incidental to, the transacting of the business of a House or of a committee, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes:

    (a)  the giving of evidence before a House or a committee, and evidence so given;

    (b)  the presentation or submission of a document to a House or a committee;

    (c)  the preparation of a document for purposes of or incidental to the transacting of any such business; and

    (d)  the formulation, making or publication of a document, including a report, by or pursuant to an order of a House or a committee and the document so formulated, made or published.

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Prepared 9 April 1999