Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments First Report


Instruments to which the Committee does not draw the special attention of both Houses.

Written evidence submitted to the Committee in connection with the instruments marked † is not printed.

Draft instruments requiring affirmative approval
  Police Act 1997 (Notification of Authorisations etc.) Order 1998.
  Police Act 1997 (Authorisation of Action in Respect of Property) (Code of Practice) Order 1998.
  Parole Board (Transfer of Functions) Order 1998.
  Government of Wales Act 1998 (Housing) (Amendments) Order 1998.

Instruments subject to annulment
  Road Works (Registers, Notices, Directions and Designations) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2254).
  Medicines (Products for Animal Use — Fees) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2428).
  Olive Oil (Marketing Standards) (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2410).
†Crime and Disorder Strategies (Prescribed Descriptions) (Amendment) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2513).
  Friendly Societies (Activities of a Subsidiary) (No. 2) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2696).
  Education (School Information) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2697).
  Legal Advice and Assistance (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2727).
  Education (Individual Pupils' Achievements) (Information) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2705).
  Plant Protection Products (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2760).
†Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Rate of Interest) (No. 2) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2765).
†Limit in Relation to Provision of Digital Programme Services Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2770).
  Judicial Pensions (European Court of Human Rights) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2768).
  Magistrates' Courts Committees (West Yorkshire) Amalgamation Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2769).
  Bethlem and Maudsley National Health Service Trust (Transfer of Trust Property) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2790).
  Act of Sederunt (Fees of Sheriff Officers) 1998 (S.I. 1998/2669).
  Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Exemption) (Tendring District Council) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2762).
  School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (Home-School Agreements) (Modification) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2834).
  Merchant Shipping (Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2771).
  Residuary Body for Wales (Winding Up) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2859).
  Commercial Agents (Council Directives) (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2868).
  Herring (Specified Sea Areas) (Prohibition of Fishing) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2867).
  Income-related Benefits (Subsidy to Authorities) Amendment Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2865).
†Registration of Political Parties (Fees) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2872).
†Registration of Political Parties (Prohibited Words and Expressions) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2873).
  Town and Country Planning General (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (S.I. 1998/2800).
  Non-Domestic Rating (Rural Settlements) (England) (No. 2) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2836).

Instruments not subject to parliamentary proceedings not laid before Parliament
  Dudley Priority Health National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Amendment Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2667).
  Competition Act 1998 (Commencement No. 1) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2750).
  Co-operation of Insolvency Courts (Designation of Relevant Country) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2766).
  Finance Act 1998, Section 145, (Appointed Day) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2703).
  Income Tax (Indexation) (No. 2) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2704).
  Act of Adjournal (Extension of Time Limit for Service of Transcript of Examination) 1998 (S.I. 1998/2635).
  Act of Sederunt (Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers Rules) (Amendment) 1998 (S.I., 1998/2636).
  Act of Sederunt (Rules of the Court of Session Amendment No. 2) (Miscellaneous) 1998 (S.I. 1998/2637).
  Act of Sederunt (Fees of Messengers-at-Arms) 1998 (S.I. 1998/2668).
  Act of Sederunt (Rules of the Court of Session Amendment No. 3) (Fees of Solicitors) 1998 (S.I. 1998/2674).
  Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act 1997 (Commencement No. 6) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2779).
  Social Security Act 1998 (Commencement No. 2) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2780).
  Building Societies Act 1997 (Expiry of Transitional Period) Order 1998 (S.I. 1998/2835).

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© Parliamentary copyright 1998
Prepared 17 December 1998