Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Twenty-Ninth Report


Memorandum by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


  (AMENDMENT) ORDER 1999 (S.I. 1999/2233)

  1. By a letter of 19 October 1999 the Committee has requested that a memorandum be submitted on the following point:

    New Schedule 2 to the principal Order (as set out in Schedule 2 to this Order) specifies, in item 10, the maximum rate of payment of £"II" for hedge and hedgebank restoration. Given the heading of column 2 ("Maximum rate in the £ per hectare of land per annum (except where otherwise stated)"), should not the rate in respect of item 10 to have been expressed as a rate "per metre": compare, for example, item 9 of Schedule 2 to S.I. 19994/709, as substituted by Schedule 2 to S.I. 1999/2235.

  2. The omission was an oversight and the Order will be amended at the next opportunity. The Ministry is grateful to the Committee for bringing this error to its attention.

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 29 November 1999