Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirtieth Report


Memorandum by the Department for Education and Employment


REGULATIONS 1999 (S.I. 1999/2267)

  1. The Committee have requested a memorandum on the following points:

  Identify the provisions of the 1989 Regulations, containing the defintion of "maintained school", which is replaced by the new definition in regulation 7(a)

  2. It is regulation 2 of the Education (National Curriculum) (Temporary Exceptions for Individual Pupils) Regulations 1989 (S.I. 1989/1181) which contains the definition of "maintained school" which is being replaced.

  Regulation 10(2) refers to "a determination for the purposes of section 56(2)" of the 1998 Act (staffing for non-school activities), notice of which has been given "under subsection (4) of that section". Identify the latter reference: should it not be a reference to "subsection (3) of that section"?

  3. The reference to a determination notice of which has been given under subsection (4) of section 56 should indeed have been a reference to a notice given under subsection (3) of that section.

  4. The Department apologises for these errors. They will be remedied when a suitable opportunity next arises.

2nd November 1999

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Prepared 30 November 1999