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Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Twenty-Third Report


Memorandum by the Home Office


  1. By a letter dated 16 June 1999 from the Commons Clerk of the Committee, the Department was requested to submit a memorandum on the following point:

    The Explanatory Note states that the products in question are exempted from regulations 14 and 18 to 24 of the 1985 Regulations (which relate to documentation, labelling and record-keeping) and the security requirements of the 1973 Regulations. Explain the inclusion of the reference to "the 1985 Regulations", given that no such Regulations are amended by this instrument.

  2. The reference to "the 1985 Regulations" in the Explanatory Note is a reference to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1985 (S.I. 1985/2066). It is accepted that the reference is not necessary to achieve the main object of the Note, as defined in paragraph 2.75 of the Statutory Instrument Practice. The reference was included to help the reader of the instrument to understand the significance of the exempted products.

22 June 1999

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Prepared 21 July 1999