Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Nineteenth Report


Memorandum by the Department of Social Security


  1. In its letter of 19th April 2000 the Committee requested a memorandum on the following point:

    In relation to the amendments made by regulations 4 and 5, identify the instrument(s) which inserted sub-paragraph (e) in regulation 7A(4) of the 1987 Regulations and in regulation 4A(4) of the 1992 Regulations, and explain why those (and any other relevant amending) instruments were not cited in footnotes (b) and (c) at page 2 (see paragraph 2.47 of Statutory Instrument Practice).

  2. Sub-paragraph (e) of regulation 7A(4) of the 1987 Regulations and regulation 4A(4) of the 1992 Regulations were inserted by regulation 3(1)(a) and regulation 2(1)(a) (respectively) of S.I. 1994/1807 which should have been referred to in the relevant footnotes. The omission was, regrettably, an error and we shall make arrangements for a correction to be made in the annual volume.

2nd May 2000

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Prepared 15 June 2000