Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Fifteenth Report


Memorandum by the Home Office


  1. The Joint Committee has requested a memorandum on the following point in respect of this Order -

Article 3 of this Order increases by £88 the fee payable for a certificate issued under section 7 of the 1986 Act. Explain the reason for this.

  2. The level of income from fees charged for certificates and licences issued under the 1986 Act has to meet the costs of administering the Act.

  3. These costs have risen through inflation and increases in the size of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspectorate, the Animal Procedures Committee and expenditure on research.

  4. Current fee levels do not meet current and projected costs and a deficit of £254,000 is expected to have accumulated by the end of 2000/01.

  5. An increase of 13% in fees is required to offset this deficit. This translates to an increase of £88 for certificates issued under section 7 of the 1986 Act, as provided in the Order.

  6. As noted in footnote (a) to the Order, fees may take account of past deficits by virtue of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (Fees) (No. 1) Order 1986 (S.I. 1986/3090).

20th March 2000

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Prepared 14 April 2000