Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Seventeenth Report


Memorandum by the Home Office


  1. The Commission has requested a memorandum on the following point:

    The Department, in their memorandum of 4 May 1999 on S.I. 1999/962, accepted that an early consolidation of the principal Rules (S.I. 1999/1422) would be desirable, and indicated that "the timing will depend upon that for making further substantive amendments to the Rules. In particular amendments are likely to be required to take account of the planned introduction of detention and training orders pursuant to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998". Has work on consolidation begun? If not, when does the Department expect to commence this work?

  2. The department remains of the view that an early consolidation of the Young Offender Institution rules would be desirable. If they are to remain in force for a significant period. However, it has deferred a decision on this pending the conclusion of its review of the future of the sentence of detention in a Young Offender Institution for 18-20 year olds following a public consultation exercise. It is hoped to announce the conclusion of that review shortly, and the department will review the merits of consolidation of the Young Offender Institution rules at that point.

11th April 2000

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Prepared 16 May 2000