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Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments First Special Report


Total number of instruments reported on: 1

JCSI Report Instrument title Regulation No. and Ground for reporting Type and date of response Observations
1stTax Credits Schemes (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations (S.I. 1999/2487)Tax Credits Schemes (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Northern Ireland) Regulations (S.I. 1999/2488) 2: drafted in an unnecessarily referential way2: drafted in an unnecessarily referential way No action necessaryNo action necesary Each instrument in which the referential definition in question is contained is an amending instrument. As such, the instruments have, as it were, done there work and it is therefore considered that nothing would be gained by amending the amending instruments at this stage to set out the definition in full. For the future, however, it is proposed to avoid use of referential definitions in cases such as the present where the definition could have been set out in full

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Prepared 2 August 2000