Joint Committee On Human Rights First Special Report


The Joint Committee on Human Rights has agreed to the following Special Report:—


1. We regard the scrutiny of bills in relation to human rights issues as one of the most important parts of our terms of reference. We have therefore adopted a procedure whereby all government bills (and possibly other categories of bills) will be examined by the Committee, taking advice from our Legal Adviser. Where appropriate our Chairman will put written questions to the relevant Minister in charge of the bill and we may, in the light of the answers we receive, decide to conduct a detailed inquiry into the bill.

2. Separately from that procedure we also decided to conduct an initial case study of the Criminal Justice and Police Bill. We took written and oral evidence from the Home Office. The Bill is due to have its Report stage in the House of Commons on 14 March 2001. In the limited time available to us before that date we have not had time to consider and agree a Report containing detailed conclusions and recommendations for possible amendments to the bill to take account of human rights issues. However, as a contribution to a better informed debate on the further stages of the bill in both Houses we are publishing with this Special Report all the evidence we have received. We intend to produce our observations on the bill's provisions at a later date.

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Prepared 13 March 2001