Joint Committee On Human Rights Minutes of Evidence

Letter from the Master of the Rolls to the Chairman of the Committee

  The question on which I feel that I shall be best placed to assist will be the effect that the Act has had on the work on the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and the manner in which the Court administration has addressed the introduction of the Act. I shall also be able to assist in respect of the question of whether the Act has affected or is likely to affect procedures in the civil courts.

  While I shall have no objection to expressing a general view as to the impact that the Act has had thus far on common law principles, there will obviously be a limit on how far it will prove possible to discuss this without entering the territory of commenting on individual cases.

  I shall not wish to express views about where the Act may lead the law in the future.

The Right Honourable The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers

23 February 2001

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Prepared 18 April 2001