Joint Committee on Human Rights Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from Ms Francesca Klug, Human Rights Act Research Unit to the Clerk of the Committee

  My unit at King's College, the Human Rights Act Research Unit, was established to monitor and evaluate all reported cases that cite the Human Rights Act. We shall be providing a briefing on trends and patterns in the courts in due course which we shall be happy to pass on to the Committee before the summer recess.

  In the meantime I am attaching monthly statistics on the Act which we compile for the Home Office for your attention. An updated table appears at the end of each month on the Human Rights Unit's website. If you would like further clarification of these statistics please let us know.

Francesca Klug

Academic Director, Human Rights Act Research Unit


From 2 October 2000 Number
Cases analysed:civil and private 15
civil and public39
criminal (including judicial review) 33
HRA claims upheld:section 3 4
section 42
section 69
Effect of HRA on case:made no difference 42
affected outcome, reasoning or procedure 45
Remedies:no remedy67
declarations, injunctions and orders 5
quashing of order or decision 6
administrative action 2

  • Statistics based on information supplied to the Home Office by the Human Rights Act Research Unit, Kings College Law School, London, based on cases reported in LAWTEL Human Rights interactive and Butterworths Human Rights Direct from case transcripts available from 2 October 2000 to 15 February 2001.

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