Joint Committee On Human Rights Third Special Report


The Joint Committee on Human Rights has agreed to the following Special Report:—


1. Within our remit "to consider matters relating to human rights in the United Kingdom", we consider it a priority to scrutinise the human rights aspects of bills and to advise Parliament as we deem appropriate. In the case of selected bills, such as the Criminal Justice and Police Bill, we intend to publish our detailed comments.

2. We have therefore authorised our Chairman, at her discretion, to write in our name to Ministers responsible for Bills, raising questions or concerns in the area of human rights. Such letters have been sent, and responses received, in respect of the following Bills:

  • Hunting

  • Private Security Industry

  • Regulatory Reform[1]

  • Social Security Fraud.

3. The purpose of this exercise was to gather information and it does not imply that the Committee has reached a conclusion about any of the provisions in the bills concerned.

4. The Chairman's letters, and the Government's replies, are printed with this Report to inform consideration of these Bills in this or a subsequent Session of Parliament.

5. The Regulatory Reform Bill has also been considered by the Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee of the House of Lords: in its 2nd and 10th Reports of Session 2000-2001.[2]

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2   HL Papers 8 and 38. Back

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Prepared 10 May 2001