London Local Authorities and transport for London Bill—continued
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Offences in respect of which fixed penalty notices may be served under Section 16 (fixed penalty notices) of this Act

Description of Offence
(1)Highways Act 1980 (c.66) 132(1) Painting or otherwise inscribing or affixing picture etc. on upon the surface of a highway or upon a tree, structure or works on a highway
2  137(1) Wilful obstruction of highway
3  138 Erecting a building, fence or hedge on highway
4  139(3) Depositing builder's skip on highway without permission
5  139(4)(a) Failure to secure lighting or other marking of builder's skip
6  139(4)(b) Failure to secure marking of builder's skip with name and address
7  139(4)(c) Failure to secure removal of builder's skip
8  139(4)(d) Failure to comply with conditions of permission
9  140(3) Failure to remove or reposition builder's skip
10  141(3) Failure to comply with notice requiring removal of tree or shrub
11  147A(2) Using of stall etc for road side sales in certain circumstances
12  148(a) Depositing material etc. on a made-up carriageway
13  148(b) Depositing material etc. within 15 feet from centre of made-up carriageway
14  148(c) Depositing anything on highway to the interruption of user
15  148(d) Pitching of booths, stalls or stands or encamping on highway
16  151(3) Failure to comply with notice requiring works to prevent soil or refuse escaping onto street or into sewer
17  152(4) Failure to comply with notice requiring removal of projection from buildings
18  153(5) Failure to comply with notice requiring alteration of door, gate or bar opening outwards onto street
19  155(2) Keeping of animals straying or lying on side of highway
20  161(1) Depositing things on highway which cause injury or danger
21  169(5) Erecting scaffolding or other structure without licence or failing to comply with terms of licence or perform duty under subsection (4)

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Prepared 4 December 2001