London Local Authorities Bill—continued
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Sections 12 and 17

Designated land under sections 12 and 17 of this Act

1         Before designating any land the participating council shall—
(a)    give notice of their proposal by advertisement in a local newspaper circulating in the area of the council, stating that objections to the proposal may be made to the proper officer of the council within a time, not less than 28 days after the giving of the notice, specified in the notice; and
(b)    take any such further steps as in their opinion will give adequate publicity to the designation.

2         After taking into consideration any objections made in accordance with paragraph 1 above, the council may designate, as land to which the appropriate section applies for the purposes mentioned in that section all or any, or any part, of the land specified in the notice given under that paragraph.

3         A designation under paragraph 2 above shall come into force on such day as shall be specified by a notice given in the same manner as a notice given under paragraph 1 above, being a day not less than 28 days after the day on which notice is given under this paragraph.

4.         Any designation under paragraph 2 above may be rescinded, or varied by the deletion of any land or part of any land by a subsequent designation of the council.

5.         In this Schedule, “appropriate section” means section 12 (Depositing of waste for collection) or section 17 (Multiple dog walking) of this Act as the case may require.


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Prepared 4 December 2001