Joint Committee on The Draft Communications Bill Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Mr L Wood

  Hello, I am following the Committee with the video conferencing facility over the Internet; the slow take-up of broadband is not to be blamed on anybody though it is straightforwardly the arduous liberation of a POW Mentality such as to when one "leaves the cage open but the bird doesn't fly", and also that society is dichotomising between the literate and illiterate contriving a psuedo subliminal civil war (all be it technologically orientated)—the illiterate determining to thwart any progressive developments by disturbing and harassing and psycho-pathologically abusing the user, the enthusiast: thus challenging the criminally subversive, who indeed have the Law Abiding Citizen at a disadvantage as presuming and/or having concluded that the social political regime of this country does in fact have a Corrupt Agenda, one must apply the realisation: I am capable of surfing the internet on a daily basis without encountering any deviation whatsoever! Any inanely puerile preoccupation with the corruption of our children being the shameful truth, it is not acceptable to be perplexing with expectation as to the pitfalls one may be subjected to, though to make a stand against destructive content.

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Prepared 5 August 2002