Joint Committee on The Draft Communications Bill Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Anthony Lynch

  BBC news, both radio and tv, is required:

  1.  To state clearly that the audit ommission, like the national audit office, like the statistics commission, did not, does not, investigate the abuse, the costs, the use, of courts throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, for prosecutions under the wireless telegraphy act 1949.

  2.  To emphasise that during the whole of the last 10+ years, no chairman of the corporation has ever disclosed to me personally, or to the public in general, the true total number of individuals (in thousands), prosecuted in those courts, each and every year, under the unique form of funding the grossly undemocratic bcc monopoly.

  3.  To acknowledge, without fear, that the present chairman (an economist?), is fully aware that the figures published annually by the office for national statistics, are downright worthless, totally useless, and are the bad outcome of the long-running scandalous gross misuse of police officers, manpower and materials.

  4.  To conclude, to confess with all humility, that far from being the best bargain in Britain, the bbc is badly in need of urgent reform in openness and above all transparency.

June 2002

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Prepared 5 August 2002