Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Bill Minutes of Evidence

Annex A



  Australia's hotline is operated by the Australian Broadcasting Authority, the regulatory agency responsible for broadcasting and online content matters. Consequently it was set up by statute and is publicly funded.


  The Austrian Internet Service Providers Association founded the Austrian hotline. It is funded by the industry but the Department of the Interior is represented on the Advisory Board.


  This hotline is operated by the Danish Save the Children organisation, Red Barnet.


  The French Internet Services Providers Association, the AFA, set up the French hotline.


  There are three hotlines in Germany:

    —  FSM is an association of members basically from the content industry such as publishers and content providers.

    —  ECO is the German Internet Service Providers Association.

    — is an organisation established by the federal states.

  The first two are private, while the third is public. The leading ministry for the is the Ministry of Education, Women and Youth of Rheinland-Pfalz.


  Save the Children Iceland runs the Icelandic hotline.


  Funding for the Irish hotline comes mainly from the Internet Service Providers Association in Ireland, but the Advisory Board includes representatives of the Government and police.

The Netherlands

  The Internet Service Providers Association of the Netherlands set up the Dutch hotline. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Justice.


  The Spanish hotline is run with the support of a local child protection organisation.


  Save the Children Sweden runs the Swedish hotline with some financial support from the Swedish Government.

United States

  The American hotline is run by the National Center for Missing and exploited Children which is a private organisation but mandated by Congress and operating with the close support of Federal Government agencies.

  Note: For all hotlines except the USA and Australia, the hotline is partly funded by the EU under the Safer Internet Action Plan.

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