Joint Committee on The Draft Communications Bill Minutes of Evidence



c.  190 Original Production

  OFCOM is obliged to set licence conditions to secure "an appropriate proportion" of original productions for each channel in order to secure that the service of that channel "is consistently of a high quality". This is a new statutory requirement and a higher quality test than currently applies.

c.  194 News and Current Affairs Programmes

  New provision for current affairs in peak (only national and international news has to be in peak now).

c.  193 Programme Production

  New collection of provisions on out-of-London network production for Channel 3. OFCOM to impose conditions to ensure:

    —  ``A suitable proportion'' of C3 network original productions to be made "outside the M25".

    —  This to constitute "a suitable range of programmes" (ie genre and value spread).

    —  ``A suitable amount of the investment'' comes from a spread of non-metropolitan production centres.

c.  194 Regional Programming

  Strengthened statutory obligations on Channel 3 regional services:

    —  All regional programmes have to be high quality (currently the obligation only falls on regional news, apart from a general obligation on the ITC to ensure that the service as a whole includes programmes of high quality).

    —  Regional news to be shown "at intervals throughout the service and in particular at peak times" (currently not a statutory requirement, but in licence conditions).

    —  Suitable proportion of non-news regional programmes to be shown in and near peak (no statutory requirement now, but in licence conditions).

    —  All of the above (+ existing regional requirements) specifically duplicated for sub-regional services, which isn't in the 1990 Act.

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Prepared 15 July 2002