Joint Committee On Human Rights Memoranda

Annex D

Summary of the citizenship youth awards scheme


 To help build a culture of shared basic values in which our rights are respected and the exercise of personal responsibility is encouraged.

Purpose of the Award Scheme

To encourage good practice in values-based approaches to education for citizenship, drawing on the Human Rights Act

  • Increased awareness of shared rights and responsibilities

  • Demonstrating the values in practical and artistic ways

  • Promoting of whole institution involvement
  • Engagement with the local community


This is a free, non-competitive awards scheme, open to schools and youth organisations. It will run as a rolling programme in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, co-ordinated in each of the home nations according to local circumstances and needs. Award certificates will be presented by local voluntary panels who will also encourage participation and community links. Each local panel will also nominate applications to a Country Panel who will allocate funding to a number of schools/youth organisations to commission a work of art. A national conference will encourage shared learning and provide showcasing opportunities.

Award applications

The local voluntary panels will encourage original responses, which express the human rights now underpinning our society. Applications can be in any form or media and could comprise a record of appropriate activities or events. Artistic work showing connections between aesthetic values and ethical values and behaviour is also to be welcomed. Wherever possible, the work should have arisen from cross-curricula, inclusive, whole-institution approaches, or be aimed at developing such approaches.


The design of the scheme will be tested in a pilot involving up to 100 schools and 45 youth organisations in eight geographical areas across the UK. The pilot will run from January until August 2002.


The scheme is administered jointly by the Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust and the Citizenship Foundation, working to a steering group of key stakeholders from the charities and government departments involved. The steering group will be advised by a National Board of distinguished contributors chaired by Lords Philips of Sudbury.

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