Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

Human Rights Division: current products and services

ItemAccess Notes
1.Written guidance etc. for public authorities
—The Human Rights Act 1998—guidance for Departments

3,500 copies distributed, and to every Department in soft copy. Also accessible on website Second revision due February 2002.
—The Human Rights Act—A new era of rights and responsibilities—Core guidance for public authorities

9,000 copies and to every Department in soft copy. Also accessible on website
—Introductory guide for public authorities

Over 200,000 copies issued. Also accessible on website
—Guide for "hybrid" bodies in the private and voluntary sectors

7,500 copies issued. Also accessible on website
—Three Human Rights Task Force Newsletters

20, 000 copies of each edition. Also accessible on website

2.Written guidance etc. for the public
—Introduction to the Human Rights Act

More than 2 million copies in 13 languages. Also accessible on website.
—Study Guide to the Human Rights Act (in conjunction with the Bar Council)

250,000 copies printed. Also accessible on website Revision due by Easter 2002

Over 8,000 "hits" a week Copy of Home Page attached as Annex E.

Open to public and public authorities. Around 40 e-mails a month.

5.Help Desk
Open to public and public authorities. Around 120 calls a month.

6.Distribution centre and response line (dedicated number for publications)
Freephone number. Around 370 calls and over 3,000 items dispatched each month.

7.Contributions to training seminars and conferences
HRD supplies speakers on request, subject to availability. Approximately 20 engagements since October 2000.

8.Regional roadshow
On demand. Open to public authorities, private and voluntary organisations, academics and lawyers. Aim to achieve maximum "spread". Events held in Gateshead, Exeter and Canterbury, and planned for Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool

—Contribute to QCA work to introduce Citizenship as a National Curriculum subject.

Secondary schools in England from Sept 2002. HRD key consultees
—Sponsorship of new Youth Citizenship Awards Scheme piloted from January, to be introduced in September 2002

Schools and youth organisations from across the UK With the Citizenship Foundation and the Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust.
—Sponsorship of revision and distribution of the Young Citizens Passport.
All school leavers in September 2001. With the Citizenship Foundation.

10.Internal services within Government
Government Departments and agenciesSee memorandum for further details

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Prepared 17 December 2002