Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 80 - 82)



80. Of course not but sometimes they will say "Yes, it is not enough but I have enough". Do you think that in comparison with these other figures basically your budget is adequate for the promotion of a culture of human rights?

(Mr Wills) It has to be adequate. It has to be adequate. Our job is to make sure it is adequate. We have to be imaginative and creative and live within our means. We all have to do that.

81. Sure.

(Mr Wills) What I would not want you to think is that we will ever use money as an excuse for not doing this job properly. We have a job to get this culture out, however we measure it, however difficult that will be, you will all know on this Committee and you will hold us rightly to account for our success or failure in delivering this culture. Money must not be the determinant of our success. Energy, vigour, imagination, yes and we will be judged on that.

Chairman: If we can have a very, very brief question and an equally brief answer, Lord Parekh would like to ask the final question.

Lord Parekh

82. Shaun Woodward was talking to you about publicity and the money that is used. How does it relate to the amount of money that you have for promotional literature? You were talking about using money to make sure that the idea of human rights stretches to schools and other places, would you say you have enough money to do that?

(Mr Wills) We have enough for our current initiatives. We will have to take stock. I cannot give you an exact figure at the moment, I am afraid. If I may, I will write to you with the exact figure and perhaps an illustration of past and present features.

Chairman: Thank you very much for your attendance. We are very grateful to you. I declare the meeting closed.

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Prepared 17 December 2002