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Joint Committee On Human Rights - Nineteenth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 15 July 2002.




The Background to and Structure of the Draft Bill
Terms of Reference

The Electronic Communications Issues

Powers to impose penalties on electronic communication service providers

The 'must-carry' provisions

Powers for OFCOM to require people to provide information

Special powers for the Secretary of State

The Wireless Telegraphy Issues

Power to require people to provide information

Forfeiture of wireless telegraphy apparatus

Regulation of Independent Television and Access Radio

Power to require providers to broadcast corrections or apologies

Power to impose penalties on, and to revoke licences of, service providers

Issues arising from the Regulatory Provisions relating to Broadcasting in General

Requirements of the public service remit

Enforcement powers in relation to the public service remit

Power to require OFCOM to direct licence holders to broadcast announcements

Rules relating to the disqualification of particular groups from holding licences

Disqualification of religious groups

Political advertising

The powers of OFCOM in relation to changes of control of Channel 3 services

Issues arising from the Licensing of Receivers

Powers of entry to premises under warrant, etc.

Summary of Conclusions



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Prepared 19 July 2002