Joint Committee On Human Rights Twenty-Second Report


Call for Evidence
Ev 89
1.Memorandum from the Commission for Racial Equality
Ev 91
2.Memorandum from the Disability Rights Commission
Ev 97
3.Memorandum from the Equal Opportunities Commission
Ev 102
4.Memorandum from the Information Commissioner
Ev 105
5.Memorandum by the English Public Sector Ombudsmen
Ev 107
6.Memorandum from Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties)
Ev 108
7.Memorandum from JUSTICE
Ev 115
8.Memorandum from Charter 88
Ev 122
9.Memorandum from Amnesty International UK Section
Ev 126
10.Memorandum from the Institute for Public Policy Research
Ev 131
11.Memorandum from the British Institute of Human Rights
Ev 137
12.Memorandum from the AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe)
Ev 141
13.Memorandum from the Association of Chief Police Officers
Ev 143
14.Joint Memorandum from the Bar Council and the Law Society
Ev 148
15.Memorandum from Professor Andrew Ashworth, Dr Sally Ball, Dr Anne Davies, Professor Sandra Fredman, Mr Jonathon Herring and Dr Liora Lazarus
Ev 153
16.Memorandum from Professor Rebecca MM Wallace, Head of School and Kenneth Dale-Risk, Lecturer, School of Law, Napier University, Edinburgh
Ev 158
17.Memorandum from David Bean QC, Murray Hunt, Raza Husain, Alison Macdonald QC, Jonathan Marks, Tim Owen QC, Rabinder Singh, Daniel Squires and Rhoori Thompson
Ev 159
18.Memorandum from Francesca Klug, Academic Director of the Human Rights Act Research Unit, King's College, London
Ev 163
19.Memorandum from Walker Morris, Solicitors
Ev 166
20.Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Ev 169
21.Memorandum from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
Ev 172
22.Memorandum from the Committee on the Administration of Justice (Northern Ireland)
Ev 174
23.Memorandum from British Irish Rights Watch
Ev 178
24.Memorandum from the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
Ev 183
25.Memorandum from Ulster Human Rights Watch
Ev 184
26.Memorandum from Scottish Human Rights Centre
Ev 185
27.Extract from a memorandum from the Faculty of Advocates
Ev 187
28.Memorandum from Scottish Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux
Ev 189
29.Extract from a memorandum from Aidan O'Neill QC
Ev 189
30.Memorandum from the Government of the National Assembly for Wales
Ev 190
31.Memorandum from the Wales Public Law and Human Rights Association
Ev 192
32.Memorandum from Welsh Women's Aid - Cymorth I Fenywod
Ev 195
33.Memorandum from the Legal Action Group (LAG)
Ev 195
34.Memorandum from the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB)
Ev 196
35.Memorandum from the Law Centres Federation
Ev 197
36.Memorandum from the Trades Union Congress (TUC)
Ev 197
37.Memorandum from Haringey Council
Ev 200
38.Memorandum from MIND (National Association for Mental Health)
Ev 200
39.Memorandum from Scope
Ev 202
40.Memorandum from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Ev 203
41.Memorandum from the Children's Society
Ev 203
42.Memorandum from the Office of Children's Rights Commissioner for London
Ev 209
43.Memorandum from the Children's Rights Commissioner for London
Ev 212
44.Memorandum from the Children's Rights Alliance for England
Ev 214
45.Memorandum from Stonewall
Ev 217
46.Memorandum from Rights of Women
Ev 219
47.Memorandum from the Refugee Council
Ev 221
48.Memorandum from the Refugee Legal Centre
Ev 222
49.Memorandum from Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA)
Ev 223
50.Memorandum from Norwich & Norfolk Racial Equality Council
Ev 224
51.Memorandum from Harrow Council for Racial Equality
Ev 228
52.Memorandum from Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisation (CEMVO)
Ev 228
53.Memorandum from Mr David Sparks
Ev 229
54.Memorandum from Mr Sam Budu
Ev 230
55.Memorandum from Laura Dent
Ev 232
  Inspectorates: Request for Evidence
Ev 233
56.Memorandum from the Commission for Local Administration in Wales
Ev 234
57.Memorandum from the Commission for Local Administration in England
Ev 234
58.Memorandum from the Commission for Local Administration in Scotland
Ev 236
59.Memorandum from the Police Complaints Authority
Ev 236
60.Memorandum from HM Inspectorate of Probation
Ev 237
61.Memorandum from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary
Ev 238
62.Memorandum from the Mental Health Act Commission
Ev 239
63.Memorandum from the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)
Ev 242
64.Memorandum from HM Inspectorate of Prisons (Scotland)
Ev 243
65.Memorandum from the Office of the Rail Regulator
Ev 243
66.Memorandum from HM Inspectorate of Prisons (England and Wales)
Ev 244
67.Memorandum from the Inspectorate of Social Services
Ev 245
68.Memorandum from the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
Ev 247
69.Memorandum from HM Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales (ESTYN)
Ev 248

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Prepared 2 September 2002