Joint Committee On Human Rights Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

51.  Memorandum from Harrow Council for Racial Equality

  The comments in regard as to whether a commission should be established are as follows:

    Q.1  In addition to those mentioned (a) to (e) in your "call for evidence" dated 5 April 2001, a small monitoring team could be set up with the remit to visit public authorities (eg Prisons, Government Departments, Armed Forces) to review their implementation of Human Rights functions with a view to offering help and advice to improve and develop such functions.

    Q.2  To report to the committee on a regular basis. Matters for consideration to be developed in the light of its findings in operation.

    Q.3  No comment.

    Q.4  There should be a single body extending to all parts of the UK.

    Q.5  No comment.

    Q.6  (a) The CRE, EOC and DRC should continue to exist. These bodies should continue their present specialised functions.

    (b) Issues relating to equal opportunities and the remit of the CRE, EOP, DRC should be excluded from a Human Rights Commission. This would enable it to concentrate on other areas.

    Q.7  No comment.

    Q.8  No comment.

    Q.9  A Human Rights Commission should have similar powers to the CRE, EOC and DRC in respect of areas of Human Rights not covered by those specialised bodies.

Prem Pawar


18 June 2001

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Prepared 2 September 2002