Joint Committee On Human Rights Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

69.  Memorandum from HM Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales (ESTYN)

  Please find below our responses to the questions circulated. Responses are cross-referenced to the seven survey questions.

  1.  Estyn's inspection frameworks do not make explicit reference to human rights in their evaluation criteria, though there are sections of the frameworks that address some of the key rights and freedoms, particularly those that involve entitlement to education, freedom from discrimination, respect for diversity and equality of opportunity.

  2.  Only in the sense outlined above.

  3.  Depending on the phase and type of education and training being inspected, inspectors are guided by our inspection frameworks to take account of:

    —  Extent of educational entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum, including access to extra-curricular provision

    —  The promotion of pupils' well-being, health and safety

    —  Child protection procedures

    —  The care, support and guidance provided for learners

    —  Policies and practice with regard to ensuring equality of opportunity for all learners, regardless of "age, ability, ethnicity and gender"

    —  The promotion of racial equality

    —  The elimination of bullying, racism and other forms of discrimination

    —  Effectiveness of arrangements for personal and social education.

  4.  Not by explicit reference to human rights. Aspects of the above are monitored through our inspection databases and periodically through specialist surveys.

  5.  Estyn offers full feedback to organisations inspected in which attention on any matters of concern, including those listed above would be drawn to the provider's attention. Written reports include lists of recommendations for future action.

  6.  Inspectors are guided to be proactive where they have evidence that improvements are required. Inspectors in different phases have ongoing responsibilities for individual providers or for particular local education authorities. Periodically, it is quite likely that discussions will focus on progress made by providers in developing and implementing policies on the full range of equal opportunity issues and matters related to learners' safety, welfare, curriculum entitlement and support.

  7.  Estyn has established a working group to look at all aspects of relevant legislation, including data protection, freedom of information, diversity and human rights. We are at the stage of developing policies and schemes to apply internally, as well as revising our inspection frameworks and guidance for the future cycles of education and training inspections in Wales. We intend to make appropriate reference to human rights in our future guidance.

20 May 2002

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Prepared 2 September 2002