Joint Committee On Human Rights Fifth Report

Part 3 of the Bill: Disclosure of Information

24. We considered in our previous report the provisions of Part 3 of the Bill.[39] We remain concerned about the provisions for sharing of information between agencies for the purposes of an unlimited range of criminal investigations, including potentially investigations by foreign agencies. Having considered the matter further since our Second Report, we are not satisfied that the small changes made to the provisions since their original appearance (as Part 2 of the Criminal Justice and Police Bill earlier in 2001) meet our fundamental concern. In our view, there remains a significant risk that disclosures will violate the right to respect for private life under Article 8 of the ECHR, because of the range of offences covered, and the lack of statutory criteria to guide decisions and the lack of procedural safeguards to be followed when deciding whether it is necessary and proportionate to make a disclosure of personal information. We publish, as an appendix to this Report, the written evidence of the Information Commissioner to the Committee in this regard.[40] We endorse that evidence, and commend it to the attention of each House.

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40   Appendices, pp. 1-4 Back

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Prepared 5 December 2001