Joint Committee On Human Rights Fifth Report


32. The Bill contains a disparate collection of measures which are likely to have a major impact on a wide range of rights. We recognize that the Government is doing its best to respond to a sensitive security position in a way that respects its obligations under domestic and international human rights law. We acknowledge the seriousness with which the Government has engaged in a dialogue with those (including this Committee) who seek to uphold the core values of democratic society in difficult times. We welcome the improvements to the Bill which have been made or promised in order to improve the safeguards for human rights. At the same time, there are a number of aspects of the Bill which we are concerned may continue to compromise the protection of human rights in ways which have not so far been fully justified. We draw the attention of each House to the serious and pressing concerns we have raised in this Report, and those expressed in our Second Report which have not so far been fully answered.

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Prepared 5 December 2001