Joint Committee On Human Rights Sixth Report


List of those invited to comment on the original Proposal of 19 July

British Medical Association

Broadmoor Hospital, Medical Director

Community Mental Health Team Management Association

Community Psychiatric Nurses Association

Council on Tribunals

General Council of the Bar

Health Committee, House of Commons (Chair)

Health Service Ombudsman



Mental After Care Association

Mental Health Act Commission

Mental Health Review Tribunal Secretariat



National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders

National Director for Mental Health, Department of Health

National Schizophrenia Fellowship

Professor Genevra Richardson, Department of Law, Queen Mary and Westfield College


Society of Clinical Psychiatrists

The Home Office

The Law Society

The Local Government Association

The Lord Chancellor's Department

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Zito Trust

United Kingdom Advocacy Network

United Kingdom Federation of Smaller Mental Health Agencies


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Prepared 19 December 2001