Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Twenty-Fourth Report


Memorandum from the Food Standards Agency


1. This Order was made on 14th February 2002, laid on 15th February 2002 and comes into force on 16th February 2002 and will thus breach the convention that instruments like this one which are subject to the negative resolution procedure should be laid at least 21 days before they are due to come into force. The memorandum is submitted to explain to the Committee why the Food Standards Agency considers this regrettable breach to be necessary.

2. The Order provides for the implementation, in relation to England, of Commission Decision 2002/75/EC laying down special conditions on the import from third countries of Star Anise (OJ No. L33, 2.2.2002, p.31).

3. The effect of the Decision is that the importation of certain Star Anise from countries which are not member States of the European Community is permitted only if the conditions prescribed in the Decision are complied with.

4. The Decision was officially notified to member States on 4th February 2002 and published in the Official Journal on 2nd February 2002. It came into force as soon as it was notified. It is thus essential that the Order (which is an emergency control Order made under section 13 of the Food Safety Act 1990) should come into force as soon as possible.

14th February 2002

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Prepared 12 April 2002