Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirty-Fourth Report


Memorandum from the Food Standards Agency


  1. The Joint Committee considered the above instrument at its meeting on 18 June and has requested a memorandum on the following point :
  2. Given that the Fresh Meat Regulations 1995 have now been amended on 20 occasions (as indicated in footnote (b) at page 2), indicate whether an early consolidation of those Regulations may be expected. Corresponding question regarding the Poultry Meat Regulations 1995 which have now been amended 10 times as indicated in footnote (a) at page 3.

    The Fresh Meat Regulations

  3. On 1 April 2000, sponsorship of the Fresh Meat Regulations 1995, S.I. 1995/539, passed to the Food Standards Agency from the then Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food ("MAFF"), now the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ("DEFRA").
  4. At its meeting on 29 February 2000, the Joint Committee considered S.I. 2000/225. That instrument amended S.I. 1995/539. The Committee asked whether an early consolidation of S.I. 1995/539 was planned.
  5. MAFF said that as resources and other priorities allowed it was intended to start work on a consolidation exercise as soon as possible.
  6. Since 1 April 2000, S.I. 1995/539 has been further amended a number of times. The bulk of the amendments (6 in total) were in fact emergency instruments made by MAFF/DEFRA in the light of the foot and mouth crisis.
  7. While work has started on a consolidation exercise for S.I. 1995/539, other priorities have meant that it has not progressed as quickly as the Food Standards Agency would have liked. It is not at this stage possible to state when further progress will be made.
  8. The Poultry Meat Regulations

  9. Sponsorship of the Poultry Meat Regulations 1995, S.I. 1995/540, also passed to the Food Standards Agency from MAFF on 1 April 2000. This is the third amendment to S.I. 1995/540 since that date.
  10. Work started on consolidating S.I. 1995/540 in 1997, under the auspices of MAFF. However, this exercise was overtaken by other priorities. It is planned to split the current Regulations into two instruments, the first dealing with poultry meat and rabbit meat and the second with farmed game bird meat. Consultation on these instruments is planned for 2003.

20 June 2002


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Prepared 10 July 2002