Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirty-Fifth Report


Instruments to which the Committee does not draw the special attention of both Houses.

Written evidence submitted to the Committee in connection with the instruments marked † is not printed.

Draft Instruments requiring affirmative approval
Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000 (Information) Order 2002
Treasure Act 1996: Code of Practice (Revised) (England and Wales)
Treasure (Designation) Order 2002
†  Fixed-Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002
†  Part-time workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 (Amendment) Regulations 2002
†  Tax Credits (Definition and Calculation of Income) Regulations 2002
†  Working Tax Credit (Entitlement and Maximum Rate) Regulations 2002
†  Child Tax Credit Regulations 2002
†  Tax Credits (Income Thresholds and Determination of Rates) Regulations 2002

Instruments subject to annulment
S.I. 2002/1478  Plant Health (Forestry) (Phytophthora ramorum) (Great Britain) Order 2002
S.I. 2002/1589  Social Security Amendment (Students and Income-related Benefits) Regulations 2002
S.I. 2002/1598  Charities (Exception from Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2002
S.I. 2002/1617  Rail Vehicle Accessibility (South Central Class 375/3 Vehicles) Exemption Order 2002
S.I. 2002/1619  Animal By-Products (Identification) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2002
S.I. 2002/1621  Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (County of North Yorkshire) (Borough of Harrogate) Order 2002
S.I. 2002/1649  Non-Road Mobile Machinery (Emission of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants) (Amendment) Regulations 2002
S.I. 2002/1651  M4 Motorway (Hillingdon and Hounslow) (Speed Limits) Regulations 2002

Instruments not subject to Parliamentary proceedings not laid before Parliament
S.I. 2002/1493  Care Standards Act 2000 (Commencement No. 14 (England) and Transitional, Savings and Amendment Provisions) Order 200

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 15 July 2002