Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Ninth Report


Memorandum from the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions


1. The Committee has asked for a memorandum on the following point:

"The second sentence of the Explanatory Note states that the Regulations amend the fees payable upon an application for a driving test where the test is to be conducted on or after their coming into force. Explain how the Regulations have this effect, given regulation 31 of S.I. 1999/2864."

2. The Regulations were not intended to have the effect set out in the Explanatory Note and do not, in the view of the Department, have that effect. The statement in the Explanatory Note is incorrect.

3. Regulation 3(1) of the Driving Licences Regulations 1999 provides that someone applying in person for a driving test must pay the appropriate fee at the time of his application, that fee being specified in Schedule 5. Schedule 5 having been replaced with effect from 27th August 2001, fees payable on applications made on or after that date were altered. This should have been reflected in the Explanatory Note.

4. It has not been the practice of the Driving Standards Agency to charge an increased fee for a test booked prior to the 27th August 2001 but due to be conducted after that date.

5. The Department regrets the error in the Explanatory Note and will ensure it is corrected in the Annual Volume.

1st November 2001

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Prepared 1 February 2002