Joint Committee on The Draft Corruption Bill Written Evidence


Memorandum from Dennis Gedge, on behalf of the Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (DCB 21)

  My interest is that I am a Consulting Civil Engineer, and I have a professional interest in Health and Safety Matters and I represent a certain committee within my profession, on this point.

  An anti corruption law is in itself a philosophical question, because there is a difference between morality and legality, the former US President Clinton was at great pains to demonstrate this point to the world. Corruption is a moral point.

  It seems to me that there is a likelihood that any anti corruption law reform will be couched in terms to indicate that financial corruption associated with tendering for public works projects, is what it is aimed at preventing. The thought crosses my mind that the legislators could give consideration to the possibly corrupt practice of a tenderer who might knowingly price a job without including all proper health and safety measures. Evasion of safety measures in practice is a criminal offence, if the law is carefully drawn to include the omission of safety measures whilst tendering as a corrupt practice, it could save lengthy and expensive legal battles, and might even improve safety itself.

May 2003

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Prepared 31 July 2003