Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill First Report


Mar 1984 - Mar 1985National Coal Industry strike. Military logistic assistance provided to civilian police.
Apr - Aug 1986Royal Engineers provided assistance to Prison Service - conversion of military camp at Rollestone for use as temporary prison - at time of dispute with Prison Officers Association. Troops did not actually deploy to operate the prison.
May - Jun 1986Temporary field post office set up in York (4-6 June) to handle official mail, at time of Post Office dispute in west Yorkshire. Self Help.
Jun - Nov 1987Sappers converted Rollestone camp as a temporary prison for civilian use at a time of prison overcrowding.
Oct 1987Fire dispute in West Glamorgan: 1 R Hamps Bn Gp with 320 personnel including 17 RN, and 20 RAF) manned 15 GGs and 3 FRTs.
Mar - Dec 1988Sappers converted and operated Rollestone and Alma-Dettingen camps as temporary prisons at a time of prison overcrowding.
Sept 1988Field post offices set up in the UK to provide emergency postal facilities for MOD and HM Forces during a Post Office dispute. Self Help.
Jul - Aug 1989LT/BR dispute. Sappers laid trackway in Regents and Hyde Parks.
Nov 1989 - Mar 1990Ambulance dispute. 128,727 call outs (50% in London). 209 service ambulances (+ crews) deployed locally.
Aug 1995 - May 1996Fire Service dispute (Merseyside) - not a continuous dispute, nor a continuous deployment. A battalion-commitment plus RAF Fire Rescue Teams (FRTs). Army personnel manned GGs.

Jun - Sept 1996Fire Service dispute (Derbyshire) - a Bn (-) commitment (109 personnel with 12 GGs) plus 6 RAF FRTs (40 personnel).
May 1997Fire Service dispute (Essex) - a Bn (-) commitment. Service personnel c450 in all - attended 1,315 incidents including (618 fires).
Sep - Nov 2000Fuel Crisis.

1st phase, 13 - 16 Sept - involved deployment of 107 tankers and 681 tri-service personnel. In addition bulk refuelling vehs were made available.

2nd phase, Nov - involved the training of 1,000 tri-service drivers to drive and operate mil and civilian tankers - none of whom were deployed; in addition, 8x Foden recovery vehicles were deployed in London, at Met Police request, in the event of a vehicle blockade there.

20 Nov - all military assets stood down.

Mar - Oct 2001Foot and Mouth outbreak. First confirmed case on 20 Feb; formal request from MAFF for mil assistance 9 Mar; mil vets first deployed 14 Mar. Extensive military assistance to MAFF (later DEFRA). Mil strength (tri-service) peaked at 2,100 personnel in mid April 2001. Last military personnel withdrawn 12 Oct 2001. Mil assistance requested for a range of tasks including veterinary assistance, coordination, logistic support. Slaughter and disposal of carcasses.
Jul -Aug 2001Fire Service Dispute (Merseyside) - not continuous dispute or continuous deployment. 539 Armed Forces personnel (203 each from RN and RAF, 136 from Army - Armed provided command and control). 25 Green Goddesses and 11 FRTs deployed.


Nov 2002 - Jun 2003Fire Service dispute. Extensive assistance nationwide to the ODPM during a series of non-continuous 24-hr and 48-hr strikes. Involving some 19,000 service personnel.

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