Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill First Report


1985 (10-16 Dec)Leeds Main water supply to Leeds disrupted; 1/4 million people without water. Some 193 tri-service bowsers (at peak) deployed plus RE pumping teams.
1986 (26 July)Yorks Personnel from Army School of Motor Transport, Leconfield assisted Fire Service after rail crash at unmanned crossing.
1986 (26 Aug)YorksSappers and elements of Catterick Garrison deployed to Richmond to rescue stranded civilians after flooding.
1987 (Mar-Apr)English Channel Substantial RN and RAF assistance off the coast whilst British Forces Germany assisted at the Belgian end of the operation.
1987 (October)Nationwide 'The Big Storm'. Service assistance after a short but very severe period of bad weather nationwide.
1988 (July)North Sea Piper Alpha oil rig fire.
1988 (23 Dec) - 1989 (25 Jan)Scotland Tri-service mil assistance in aftermath of the Lockerbie air crash. Most of this effort directed at search for bodies and wreckage. Some 7,442 man-days were expended by a number of different units including men from the RHF and Gordon Highlanders who were directly involved after the event along with up to 12 helicopters, photo recce flights, RE and RAF repair and salvage and subsequent support to the AAIB. CAD Longtown provided hangar accommodation for the wreckage.
1989 (8-10 Jan)Leicestershire Army/RAF assistance after Kegworth air crash. 70/80 personnel from Army plus RAF helicopters, mountain rescue teams, salvage, recovery and transport of the wreckage.
1990 (Aug)Dorset124 mil personnel from RAC Centre and Gurkha Sig Sqn assisted police in search for missing child.
1990 (8-11 Dec)North + West Extensive Army and RAF assistance in wake of severe snow storms. TA provided bulk of Army contribution. 350+ personnel, 120 vehs, 8 helos and 2 Hercules.
1991 (6 May)Norfolk Personnel from 39 Engr Regt RE and RCT laid 14 rolls of trackway to enable civil authorities to deal with chemical spillage on coast.
1993 (15-18 Jan)Scotland Assistance by Army, R Marines + RAF to emergency services at time of snow storms then severe floods.
1993 (14-18 Jun)N Wales Assistance to local authorities during bad weather (1 pltn from 1 Staffords).
1994 (10 Jan - 7 Feb)Sussex Assistance in Chichester during bad weather (4 x bailey bridges, sandbags, and elements of 36 Regt RE (12 man maintenance team).
1995 (1-2 Feb)Yorks-Durham Assistance during bad weather: elements of various units including 9 Regt AAC (102 personnel), 1 RRF (5 personnel) and ITB Ouston (45 personnel).
1995 (22 Feb)Hexham Assistance during bad weather. 26 local Army personnel.
1995 (11 Apr)Northumberland 100 personnel assisted with combating forest fire (Harbottle Forest near Otterburn).
1995 (25 May)YorksAssistance to civil police at scene of air crash - 4 landrovers (incl 10 crews) from 24 Fd Amb, 40 personnel ex 2 Sig Regt + a class 30 trackway laid by 38 Engr Regt.
1995 (18-19 Aug)Hereford 25 RE personnel assisted with combating grass fires on Malvern Hills.
1995 (20-21 Aug)Preston Fulwood Barracks used as emergency evac site at time of toxic chemical spill.
1996 (6-12 Feb) UK: West Midlands and Scotland especially 55 personnel, 42 landrovers, 8 lorries + 2 ambulances, helicopters and 1 Hercules (plus lots of blankets and sleeping bags, RN, RAF + Army helos + 1 Hercules) assisted the civil authorities during severe weather. In addition personnel provided meals-on-wheels in North Wales and 4 landrovers employed in Lancashire in Cumberland.
1996 (20 Feb)Kent6 TA personnel + 3 landrovers provided assistance to the local hospital in Canterbury during bad weather.
1997 (Jan)Wilts250 personnel assisted civil police in search for soldier's missing child.
1997 (2-3 Jul)Scotland 40 personnel ex 3 HLDRS + RAF, incl tpt, assisted emergency services to deal with flooding in Elgin and Forres.
1997 (11 Dec)Glasgow Regulars and TA personnel ex 3 RHF manned water distribution points when the water supply to 250,000 residents was disrupted.
1998 (Apr - Easter weekend)E Anglia, Midlands, Home Counties Assistance during severe weather. Over 300 personnel from a variety of units, both regular and TA plus boats and sandbags. Including:

Northampton - 70 TA

Peterborough - 60 TA

St Ives - 40 personnel

Banbury/Milton Keynes - 130 TA

Stratford/Lemington Spa - 50+ personnel

1998 (Apr)Humberside 320 mil personnel ex 2 Div deployed to assist civil police in search for missing woman.
1998 (Jun)Cheshire1 pln ex 1 PWO assisted civil police in search for missing child.
1998 (22 Oct)Wales - Powys 30 personnel ex ITC Brecon assisted with aftermath of flooding - sandbags + evacuation of an OAP home.
1999 (Jan)Sussex50 personnel ex GRC + 1 PWRR assisted civil police in search for missing schoolgirls.
1999 (May)YorksPersonnel from Defence School of Transport, Driffield, assisted with evacuation of civilians after fire at chemical plant.
1999 (Aug)Forest of Dean 35 personnel ex 1 Cheshire assisted civil police to search for missing light aircraft.
1999 (19 Sept)Northern Ireland Flood relief in Ballyclare. Elements of 9 R Irish deployed.
2000 (Sept)Portsmouth HM Naval Base provided pumps and personnel to help with sewage problem after heavy rain.
2000 (Oct-Nov)Various Op Waterfowl: Flood relief after heavy rain in early October.

-  12+14-15 Oct - 150 personnel ex 1 PARA and RGR, plus boats, divers and vehicles of 36 Engr Regt deployed in Sussex and Kent

-  30 Oct - minor support given in various parts of the country - blankets in Wilts, 1/2 tp Marines in Somerset, vehicles + drivers in Glos + Kent, and 10 boats at Waltham Abbey, Essex.

-  30 Oct - Op Waterfowl commenced.

-  31 Oct - limited assistance at Yalding, Kent (R Medway), Glos and Somerset.

-  2 Nov 00 - significant deployment in Worcestershire (Severn Valley) - elements of 1 RWF and 214 Bty RA (V) in Worcester city to help evacuate a flooded hospital

-  elements of West Midland Regt, TA, stood by in Kidderminster

-  at this time some 1,200 troops were now deployed or held contingent. This level held until 10 Nov 00.

-  Early Nov significant flooding in Yorkshire on R Ouse:

-  Mil deployment co-ordinated by HQ 15 (North East) Bde

-  267 troops deployed in the city of York (plus a further 330 held at 1/2 hr NTM)

-  460 troops deployed in Selby (+2 x RAF Chinook helicopters)

-  mil vehicles (+ drivers) deployed in the West Midlands (plus 100 personnel ex 1 RWF on standby)

-  60 troops deployed in Nottingham (R Trent)

-  smaller deployments continued on the R Medway in Kent

-  Op Waterfowl was terminated on 14 Nov owing to stabilised waterlevels.

2000 (early Dec)Severn Valley Flooding - vehicles ex 104 Regt RA(V) and elements of 1 RWF deployed.
2001 (Feb)Kent40 personnel ex 1 R Irish deployed to help with localised flooding.
2001 (Feb)Northern Ireland A helicopter and divers assisted the NI Environment Agency in removing an aircraft which had become trapped in marshland near Londonderry airport.
2001 (Feb)YorksSAR helicopters assisted at the immediate scene of the Selby train crash. Subsequently an emergency mortuary was established at the nearby RAF station.
2001 (Feb-Mar)Scotland Helicopter and light aircraft helped provide assistance during bad weather in the south of Scotland.
2001 (May)Northern Ireland A Wessex helicopter helped douse a fire on Camlough Mountain.
2001 (July)KentArmy personnel helped deliver bottled water to communities of Romney and Lydd when their water supply was contaminated.
2001 (Dec)SW England RN Sea King helicopter flew members of the Devon Fire Brigade to Lundy Island to deal with a heath fire.
2002 (Feb)Northern Ireland Helicopter and infantry helped search for missing teenager.

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