Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill First Report


Tuesday 9 September 2003, 10.15am
Representing the Local Government Association:
Councillor Peter Chalke, Deputy Chair and Mr Tom Griffin, Principal Adviser on Emergency Planning.
Representing the Emergency Planning Society:
Mr Brian Ward, Chair.
Representing ACPO:
Mr Alan Goldsmith, Deputy Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police.
Representing CACFOA:
Mr Ron Dobson, Assistant Commissioner, London Fire Brigade.
Representing ASA:
Mr Philip Selwood, Chairman, Ambulance Service Association Civil Emergencies Committee.

Tuesday 9 September 2003, 4.35pm
Representing Camden Borough Council:
Ms Alison Lowton, Head of Legal Services.
Representing Durham County Council:
Mr Patrick Cunningham, Chief Emergency Planning Officer.
Representing Leeds City Council:
Mr Richard Davies, Principal Emergency Planning Officer.

Tuesday 16 September 2003, 9.35am

Representing the Scottish Executive:
Mr Hugh Henry, Deputy Minister for Justice, Mr Jim Gallagher, Head of Justice Department and Mr Max Maxwell, Head of Contingencies and Resilience Unit.
Representing the National Assembly for Wales:
Mr Rhodri Morgan, First Minister and Mr Nick Patel, Head of Emergencies and Security Division.

Tuesday 16 September 2003, 4.35pm

Representing Liberty:
Ms Shami Chakrabarti, Director
Representing JUSTICE:
Dr Eric Metcalfe, Director of Human Rights Policy.

Thursday 16 October 2003, 3.35pm

Representing the Cabinet Office:
Mr Douglas Alexander MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office, Roger Hargreaves, Head of Bill Team, Policy Division and Ms Rebecca Lane, Legal Advisor.

Tuesday 21 October 2003, 4.05pm
Representing the NHS:

Office of Strategic Health Authorities:
Mr John Pullin, South West London Strategic Health Authority;
North Wales Health Emergency Planning Group:
Mr Keith Williams, Emergency Planning co-ordinator for North Wales; and
West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority:
Mr Anthony Kealy, Emergency Planning Lead.
Representing Utility Providers:

Mr Doug Turner, Head of Network Continuity and Emergency Planning;
Western Power Distribution:
Mr Philip West, Policy Manager; and
United Utilities:
Mr Geoffrey Miller, Head of Risk Management.
Representing the Voluntary Sector:

The National Voluntary Aid Society Emergency Committee:
Ms Moya Wood-Heath, Assistant General Secretary;
The British Red Cross:
Ms Virginia Beardshaw, Director of UK Service Development;
The Salvation Army:
Major Bill Cochrane, Secretary for Communications;
The Women's Royal Voluntary Service:
Mr Mark Lever, Chief Executive; and
St John Ambulance:
Mr Peter Brown, Chief Commander.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 28 November 2003