Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill Written Evidence

Memorandum from the Association of United Kingdom Oil Independents

  The Association of United Kingdom Oil Independents (AUKOI) is a Membership organisation representing independent companies involved in wholesale sales, distribution and retailing of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products in the United Kingdom. The Members of AUKOI are variously involved with retail supply, as both independent retailers and supermarkets and represent at least 25% of the petrol/diesel retail market in the United Kingdom.

  Your letter of 23 July invited our views on the appropriateness or otherwise of the fuel industry not being listed as a Category 2 Responder and able thereby to be aware of the nature of the contingency planning process around the country.

  Having consulted AUKOI Members, I would advise you that this Association is of the opinion that none of its Member companies should be included as Category 2 Responders within the framework of the proposed draft Bill. We concur with UKpia's views that this would in essence duplicate the requirements of the Downstream Oil Emergency Response Plan leading to unnecessary duplication of arrangements and possible confusion.

  We are also concerned at the anti-competitive issues that might arise from the sharing of information and joint management of fuel supplies that might prove necessary under these provisions. AUKOI would not engage in any practices in breach of current United Kingdom or European competition law.

  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment on the draft Bill and I hope these comments prove useful for your purpose. Please contact me again if you need any further information.

Meg Annesley

29 August 2003

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Prepared 28 November 2003