Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill Minutes of Evidence

Letter from the London Borough of Camden

  I am writing briefly to respond on behalf of the London Borough of Camden to the Bill.

  We have no real concerns about the Bill as it stands or indeed the obligations that will be imposed on us in the Bill. Our main concern arises from what is not in the Bill and which will only be covered at a later date. This as you may expect is related to funding.

  Our view is that the funding that we currently receive is barely adequate to cover the present emergency planning responsibilities. We have serious concerns about whether we would have sufficient funds to cover our extended responsibilities contained in the draft Bill under the existing funding arrangements.

  We therefore trust that there will be serious consideration given to increasing the funding available for local authorities to carry out the key duties under the new legislation. We do not believe that we could adequately fulfill those duties without that increase.

Alison Lowton

Borough Solicitor

8 August 2003

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Prepared 28 November 2003