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Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill - Written Evidence[Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Written Evidence which were ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 17 November 2003.


45.Memorandum from the Association of Catholic Women (MIB 09)

46.Memorandum from Mrs Dominica Roberts, Pro Life Alliance (MIB 16)

47.Memorandum from Christine Hudson (MIB 20)

48.Memorandum from Julia Goffin (MIB 21)

49.Memorandum from the Bishop of Wrexham (MIB 24)

50.Memorandum from Dr Clare Whitehead (MIB 25)

51.Memorandum from Michael and June Power (MIB 42)

52.Memorandum from Age Concern Cymru (MIB 43)

53.Memorandum from the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) (MIB 58)

54.Memorandum from Dr John Scotson (MIB 62)

55.Memorandum from the Bishop of Paisley (MIB 63)

56.Memorandum from Dr David Shakespeare (MIB 68)

57.Memorandum from Dr Fiona Randall (MIB 74)

58.Memorandum from the Law Commission (MIB 203)

59.Memorandum from Professor David d'Avray (MIB 204)

60.Memorandum from James and Catherine Reid (MIB 206)

61.Memorandum submitted by Alan W Briglin (MIB 231)

62.Multiple submissions—Example 1 (MIB 403)

63.Multiple submissions—Example 2 (MIB 411)

64.Multiple submissions—Example 3 (MIB 429)

65.Multiple submissons—Example 4 (MIB 110)

66.Memorandum from Ms Teresa Lynch (MIB 409)

67.Memorandum from Miss Lucy A Underwood (MIB 451)

68.Memorandum from the Salford Diocesan Fellowship for the Handicapped (MIB 457)

69.Memorandum from the Islamic Medical Association UK (MIB 469)

70.Memorandum from the Labour Life Group (MIB 601)

71.Memorandum from Mr John Mandry, Support Worker, SHOUT (MIB 689)

72.Memorandum from Self Advocacy in Action (MIB 690)

73.Memorandum from the All Wales User Survivor Network (MIB 711)

74.Memorandum from Rev Dr Francis Marsden (MIB 713)

75.Memorandum from Dr Gillian Craig (MIB 726)

76.Memorandum from Dr David Kingsley (MIB 731)

77.Memorandum from Eli Lilly and Company Ltd (MIB 737)

78.Memorandum from Rethink (MIB 739)

79.Memorandum from the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group (MIB 740)

80.Memorandum from the Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) and the National Council for Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Services (MIB 742)

81.Memorandum from Cardiff People First (MIB 746)

82.Memorandum from Carers UK (MIB 771)

83.Memorandum from My Life Choice Association (MIB 777)

84.Further memorandum from the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) (MIB 782)

85.Memorandum from The Baroness Masham of Ilton (MIB 790)

86.Memorandum from Dr Darach Corvin (MIB 791)

87.Memorandum from Mencap (MIB 792)

88.Memorandum from Malcolm Underwood (MIB 107)

89.Memorandum from the Reverend Patrick Tansey (MIB 130)

90.Memorandum from Mr Richard S Webb (MIB 138)

91.Memorandum from Dr Dermot Lynch (MIB 173)

92.Memorandum from Depression Alliance Cymru (MIB 188)

93.Memorandum from Marie Columb (MIB 198)

94.Memorandum from Dr Charles O'Donell (MIB 320)

95.Memorandum from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Kensington and Chelsea Branch (MIB 333)

96.Memorandum from Alison Davis (MIB 337)

97.Memorandum from Catherine Crabtree (MIB 339)

98.Memorandum from Advocacy Partners (MIB 821)

99.Memorandum from the Afiya Trust (MIB 822)

100.Memorandum from the NHS Confederation (MIB 823)

101.Memorandum from the Catenian Association (MIB 831)

102.Memorandum from Genevra Richardson, Professor of Public Law, Queen Mary, University of London (MIB 556)

103.Memorandum from Age Concern (MIB 729)

104.Memorandum from the Alzheimer's Society (MIB 783)

105.Memorandum from The Joint Medico-Legal Committee on Bioethics (MIB 885)

106.Memorandum from The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) (MIB 890)

107.Memorandum from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Bioethical Advisory Team, Dr John I Fleming and Greg Smith (MIB 890a)

108.Memorandum from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (MIB 895)

109.Memorandum from Patient Concern (MIB 882)

110.Memorandum from Professor Michael Gunn, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University (MIB 1192)

111.Memorandum from the Catholic Union of Great Britain (MIB 1193)

112.Memorandum from the Islamic Medical Association UK (MIB 352)

113.Memorandum from the Royal College of Nursing (MIB 924)

114.Memorandum from Mr Ian Murray (MIB 925)

115.Memorandum from Solicitors for the Elderly (MIB 930)

116.Memorandum from ALERT (MIB 933)

117.Memorandum from the General Medical Council (MIB 949)

118.Memorandum from Alzheimer Scotland (MIB 968)

119.Memorandum from Islamic Concern (MIB 969)

120.Memorandum from the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) (MIB 997)

121.Memorandum from Marilyn Tickner (MIB 998)

122.Memorandum from the Independent Healthcare Association (MIB 1207)

123.Memorandum from the British Bankers' Association (MIB 1220)

124.Memorandum from Martin Terrell (MIB 1002)

125.Memorandum from Right to Life (MIB 1017)

126.Memorandum from Mrs Josie Goble (MIB 1025)

127.Memorandum from the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics Limited (MIB 1029)

128.Memorandum from Dr I M Jessiman (MIB 1044)

129.Memorandum from the Disability Right Commission (MIB 1057)

130.Memorandum from Mind (MIB 1060)

131.Memorandum from the National Autistic Society (MIB 1061)

132.Memorandum from Mrs Eileen McManus (MIB 1073)

133.Memorandum from United Response (MIB 1111)

134.Memorandum from Dr S Conboy-Hill (MIB 1164)

135.Memorandum from the National Care Standards Commission (MIB 1170)

136.Memorandum from Miss Eileen Bailey (MIB 1173)

137.Memorandum from CARE (MIB 1176)

138.Further supplementary memorandum from the Lord Filkin (MIB 1225)

139.Supplementary memorandum from Mr Roger Goss, Patient Concern (MIB 1195)

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Prepared 28 November 2003