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Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill - Minutes of Evidence[Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 17 November 2003.

Wednesday 8 October 2003

Members present:

Carter, L. (Chairman) Mr Paul Burstow
Fookes, B.Jim Dowd
Knight of Collingtree, B.Stephen Hesford
McIntosh of Hudnall, B.Mrs Joan Humble
Pearson of Rannoch, L.Laura Moffatt
Rix, L.Mrs Angela Browning


6.Memorandum from the British Medical Association (MIB 1185)

Examination of Witnesses

Dr Michael Wilks, Chairman, BMA Medical Ethics Committee and Dr Vivienne Nathanson, Director of Professional Affairs, British Medical Association, examined.

Question Number




7.Memorandum from the British Psychological Society (MIB 817)

8.Memorandum from the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MIB 824)

Examination of Witnesses

Professor Glynis Murphy, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Learning Disabilities, Dr Karen Ehlert, Honorary Secretary of the Division of Clinical Psychology, Dr Peter Kinderman, Reader of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool, Dr Catherine Dooley, Consultant in Clinical Psychology, Dr Camilla Herbert, Clinical Psychologist specialising in neuro rehabilitation, British Psychological Society and Dr Tony Zigmond, Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry at Leeds Mental Health Trust, Royal College of Psychiatrists, examined.

Question Number




9.Supplementary memorandum from the British Psychological Society (MIB 1205)

10.Supplementary memorandum from Dr A S Zigmond (MIB 1219)

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Prepared 28 November 2003