Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill Minutes of Evidence

10.Supplementary memorandum from Dr A S Zigmond (MIB 1219)

  In relation to the two final questions I am sorry to say that the College can be of little assistance. We have no experience of equivalent legislation outside of Scotland.

  We recognise that there will be additional costs in relation to the Bill although we have no means of quantifying them. Much of the Bill should clarify matters but not greatly alter practice from that which currently exists. The enhanced protections set out in the Bill will undoubtedly have costs attached but the College believes that they are of such fundamental importance that it should be considered "money well spent". As an aside might I add that this is very different from our view of what we think will be considerable workforce and financial costs in relation to the Draft Mental Health Bill.

  Finally I must comment on the process. We were most pleased that you were able to attend the College dinner in Bournemouth and I am personally grateful for having had the opportunity to convey to you those matters which we thought were important for the Joint Committee to consider. I think it fair to say that I had very considerable qualms about giving evidence but the way we were questioned enabled all of us to give our opinions in an open and constructive way.

October 2003

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Prepared 28 November 2003