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Ecclesiastical  - Clergy Discipline Measure

Here you can browse the measure which was ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 3 April 2003.



1 Duty to have regard to bishop's role

2 Disciplinary tribunals

3 Clergy Discipline Commission

4 President of tribunals

5 Registrar of tribunals

6 Jurisdiction in disciplinary proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings concerning matters not involving doctrine, ritual or ceremonial

7 Application

8 Misconduct

9 Limitation of time for institution of proceedings

10 Institution of proceedings

11 Preliminary scrutiny of complaint

12 Courses available to bishop

13 No further action

14 Conditional deferral

15 Conciliation

16 Penalty by consent

17 Formal investigation

18 Conduct of proceedings

19 Imposition of penalty

20 Right of appeal

Composition of tribunal and Vicar-General's court

21 Provincial panels

22 Disciplinary tribunals

23 Vicar-General's court


24 Types of penalty

25 Conditional discharge

26 Removal of prohibition for life or deposition

27 Removal of limited probation

28 Restoration on pardon

29 Disobedience to penalty etc.

Proceedings in secular courts

30 Sentences of imprisonment and matrimonial orders: priests and deacons

31 Sentences of imprisonment and matrimonial orders: bishops and archbishops

32 Consequences of penalties imposed under section 30 or 31

33 Duty to disclose criminal convictions and arrests

34 Duty to disclose divorce and separation orders


35 Application of 1963 Measure's provisions

36 Suspension of priest or deacon during proceedings

37 Suspension of bishop or archbishop during proceedings

38 Archbishop's list

39 Code of Practice

40 When convictions etc. are to be deemed conclusive

41 Compensation

42 Application of Measure in special cases

43 Interpretation

44 Amendment of Measures

45 Rules

46 Repeals

47 Transitional provisions

48 Citation, commencement and extent

Schedule 1 - Amendment of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1963

Schedule 2 - Repeals

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 4 April 2003