Joint Committee On Human Rights Tenth Report


The following reports have been produced

Session 2002-03
First ReportScrutiny of Bills: Progress Report HL Paper 24/HC 191
Second ReportCriminal Justice Bill HL Paper 40/HC 374
Third ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 41/HC 375
Fourth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 50/HC 397
Fifth ReportContinuance in force of sections 21 to 23 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 HL Paper 59/HC 462
Sixth ReportThe Case for a Human Rights Commission: Volume I Report HL Paper 67-I
HC 489-I
Seventh ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 74/HC 547
Eighth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 90/HC 634
Ninth ReportThe Case for a Children's Commissioner for England HL Paper 96/HC 666
Session 2001-02
First ReportHomelessness Bill HL Paper 30/HC 314
Second ReportAnti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill HL Paper37/HC 372
Third ReportProceeds of Crime Bill HL Paper 43/HC 405
Fourth ReportSex Discrimination (Election Candidates) Bill HL Paper 44/HC 406
Fifth ReportAnti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill: Further Report HL Paper 51/HC 420
Sixth ReportThe Mental Health Act 1983 (Remedial) Order 2001 HL Paper 57/HC 472
Seventh ReportMaking of Remedial Orders HL Paper 58/HC 473
Eighth ReportTobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill HL Paper 59/HC 474
Ninth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Progress Report HL Paper 60/HC475
Tenth ReportAnimal Health Bill HL Paper 67/HC 542
Eleventh ReportProceeds of Crime: Further Report HL Paper 75/HC 596
Twelfth ReportEmployment Bill HL Paper 85/HC 645
Thirteenth ReportPolice Reform Bill HL Paper 86/HC 646
Fourteenth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Private Members' Bills and Private Bills HL Paper 93/HC 674
Fifteenth ReportPolice Reform Bill: Further Report HL Paper 98/HC 706
Sixteenth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 113/HC 805
Seventeenth ReportNationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill HL Paper 132/HC 961
Eighteenth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 133/HC 962
Nineteenth ReportDraft Communications Bill HL Paper 149HC 1102
Twentieth ReportDraft Extradition Bill HL Paper 158/HC 1140
Twenty-first ReportScrutiny of Bills: Further Progress Report HL Paper 159/HC 1141
Twenty-second Report  The Case for a Human Rights Commission HL Paper 160/HC 1142
Twenty-third ReportNationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill: Further Report HL Paper 176/HC 1255
Twenty-fourth ReportAdoption and children Bill: As amended by the House of Lords on Report HL Paper 177/HC 979
Twenty-fifth ReportDraft Mental Health Bill HL Paper 181/HC 1294
Twenty-sixth ReportScrutiny of Bills: Final Progress Report HL Paper 182/HC 1295

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Prepared 24 June 2003