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Joint Committee on Human Rights - Eleventh Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Lords and the House of Commons to be printed 9 June 2003.


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction

The Criminal Justice Bill

The Committee's consideration of the Bill

2 Further consideration of matters already reported on

Evidence of bad character

Protection of the property of detainees in police stations

Double jeopardy: clause

3 New human rights issues arising from amendments to the Bill in the House of Commons

The extended power to take fingerprints and samples

Delegation of functions relating to the Criminal Records Bureau

Presumption against bail

Minimum sentences for firearms offences

Tariff periods for people convicted of murder

Extension of maximum period of detention without charge in terrorism cases

Formal minutes



Thursday 22 May 2003

List of written evidence

Reports from the Joint Committee on Human Rights since 2001

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