Joint Committee on Human Rights Twelfth Report

7 Private Members' Bills

7.1  We consider that the following private Members' Bills do not give rise to a significant risk of incompatibility with Convention rights:

Community Prosecution Lawyers Bill,[52] introduced by Frank Field MP;

Company Directors (Health & Safety) Bill,[53] introduced by Ross Cranston MP;

Food Justice Strategies Bill,[54] introduced by Alan Simpson MP;

Local Communities Sustainability Bill,[55] introduced by Sue Doughty MP;

Needle Stick Injury Bill,[56] introduced by Laura Moffatt MP;

Regulation of Child Care Providers Bill,[57] introduced by Gareth Davies MP.

Road & Street Works (Notice and Compensation) Bill,[58] introduced by Keith Vaz MP;

Taxation (Information) Bill,[59] introduced by Lord Saatchi.

7.2  We have also considered the Traveller Law Reform Bill,[60] introduced by David Atkinson MP, which we consider would significantly enhance the protection for the human rights (including Convention rights) of Roma and other travellers, and would not give rise to any significant risk of an incompatibility with Convention rights.

52   House of Commons Bill 90 Back

53   House of Commons Bill 82 Back

54   House of Commons Bill 58 Back

55   House of Commons Bill 71 Back

56   House of Commons Bill 61 Back

57   House of Commons Bill 92 Back

58   House of Commons Bill 87 Back

59   House of Lords Bill 70 Back

60   House of Commons Bill 102 Back

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Prepared 13 June 2003