Joint Committee On Human Rights Fourteenth Report

List of written Evidence

1  Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Office  Ev 25

2  Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission  Ev 26

3  Further memorandum from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission  Ev 29

4  Memorandum from Professor Christine Bell and Dr Inez McCormack  Ev 33

5  Memorandum from British Irish Rights Watch  Ev 45

6  Memorandum from CARE  Ev 51

7  Memorandum from Coiste na n-larchimí  Ev 53

8  Memorandum from Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ)  Ev 54

9  Memorandum from ECONI  Ev 55

10  Memorandum from Evangelical Alliance, Northern Ireland  Ev 60

11  Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Committee of

the Irish Congress of Trade Unions  Ev 62

12  Memorandum from Madden and Finucane, Solicitors  Ev 63

13  Memorandum from Professor Christopher McCrudden  Ev 67

14  Memorandum from Austen Morgan, Barrister at Law, Temple  Ev 71

15  Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities   Ev 73

16  Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition   Ev 75

17  Memorandum from the Church and Government Committee of

the Presbyterian Church in Ireland  Ev 77

18  Memorandum from the Social Democratic and Labour Party  Ev 80

19  Memorandum from Sinn Féin  Ev 81

20  Memorandum from UNISON Northern Ireland  Ev 84

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 15 July 2003